“Big Brother” Homophobe Corey Brooks Is Spending A LOT Of Time Saying He’s Not Gay

Definitely not gay!

Corey Brooks, the All-American “sweet guy” slash raging homophobe living in the Big Brother house this summer, has been living his life in front of cameras 24 hours a day for the last two weeks.

Corey’s history of using anti-gay slurs online and “gay” as a pejorative term came to light before the current BB cycle began on June 22, so it comes as no surprise that he’s continued displaying anti-gay behavior and using “gay” as an insult in the house.

Like many deep-seated homophobes, Corey has also been going out of his way to assure his fellow houseguests that he is not gay.

Hear that, people? Corey is not gay! He’s NOT gay, and would really like you to know that he is definitely *not* gay.


And the internet has taken notice:

Corey’s fellow houseguests have noticed his anti-gay behavior and there have been whispers about it, but he has yet to spark a BB15-style blowout that exposes his homophobia on a large scale.

Jozea, the only gay houseguest this season, won’t have a chance to witness it because he was evicted during the season’s first eviction ceremony last night.

Corey will survive, though. He has a whole crop of other beautiful housemates to cuddle up to this season:

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