Big Freedia Gives Perez Hilton A Master Class In Twerking: WATCH

If Darren Criss and the cast of Orange is the New Black are rumpshaking, then you know twerking is not going away any time soon. But do you know the difference between twerkin’ and “wobbling”?  Can you spot the subtle uniqueness of a “body rock” or “thigh clappin”?

Have no fear, the Queen Diva is here!

In a video produced for, queer hip-hop icon Big Freedia and her luscious sidekicks teach us some bounce “vocab-uh-lary” to the tune of Freedia’s bounce classic “Excuse.”

When you’re done with that, instead of making a lazy Miley Cyrus joke, bask in the glory that is the dynamic duo of Freedia and RuPaul.

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