Meet Five Tall Men And The Tiny Pups They Love In Doc “Big Men, Small Dogs”

These best friends are proving size doesn't matter.

You know that thing where dogs and their owners end up looking alike? Well, the five men at the center of a documentary called Big Men, Small Dogs are dealing with the exact opposite situation.

Produced by CBC Docs, the short film tells the stories of Eric, Steve, Dax, Sean and Nate, five very tall guys whose dogs barely reach their ankles.

YouTube/CBC Docs

The men say their canine companions usually attract a lot of attention in the form of whispers, laughs, stares and even photographs when they’re out on walks. But what do you expect when you cross a cute pup with a gentle giant?

The guys say most people assume the dogs belong to a girlfriend or wife, but the fellas insist that they chose their little pets on their own.

“We have great times,” Sean explains. “I laugh at him a lot, but at the same time, I hope he’s laughing at me a lot, too. He’s like, ’Your decisions in life are horrible.'”

YouTube/CBC Docs

The doc’s subjects share stories throughout the film about why the tiny dogs mean so much to them.

“I don’t really plan to have kids, so this is like the closest thing I could get to a feeling of being needed by something,” says Dax.

“It’s the most consistent love from a living creature that you’ll ever get,” says Eric. “I just have a compact version of that same love and same friendship that people get with big dogs.”


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