Viral Hashtag Celebrates Bisexuals In STEM Fields

"Bisexuality can feel isolating," says Isabel Ott, a virologist who launched the #BiInSci campaign.

A viral Twitter hashtag is increasing the visibility of the bi community in the sciences.

Isabel Ott, a 21-year-old virologist at the University of Georgia in Athens, launched #BiInSci last week “to increase visibility for bisexual members of the #LGBTQinSTEM community.”

Since April 17, her original tweet has sparked more than 700 retweets, 2,700 likes, and dozens of replies from other bisexual scientists around the world.







She hopes #BiInSci fosters community, she told the Press Association: “So often… bisexuality can feel isolating—we’re seen as not really belonging to the straight or gay communities, and we constantly have to defend the fundamental validity of our existence.”

Ott praised the courage of earlier out bisexuals in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields, whose openness allowed her and others to feel comfortable coming out.

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