Is Billboard’s 2019 Songs of the Summer List the Queerest Yet?

Our queer Hot Girl Summer isn't over yet!

Billboard has released its final 20-song track list for Songs of the Summer in 2019, and it’s a pretty damn queer-inclusive lineup.

Coming in hot at No. 1 on the chart is gay country-rapper Lil Nas X, whose hit single “Old Town Road” shattered Billboard Hot 100 records, scored him two major MTV Video Music Awards wins, and catapulted the out artist to fame.


Other queer artists on the list include bisexual pop singer Halsey (“Without Me”), Panic! at the Disco’s pansexual frontman Brendon Urie (“Hey Look Ma, I Made It”), and gay singer-songwriter Sam Smith (“Dancing With A Stranger,” his collab with Normani).

Prominent LGBTQ allies like feel-good bop queen Lizzo (“Truth Hurts”) and Taylor Swift rank within the top 20 contenders, too. Where our “Lizzbians” at?!

Hell, Swift’s pro-LGBTQ anthem “You Need To Calm Down”—which came hand-in-hand with a star-studded, VMA-winning music video—was the very track that scored her a spot on the lineup. There’s no sign of us calming down on the horizon any time soon.


Wondering who else made the cut? Head on over to Billboard’s website for the full Songs of the Summer 2019 lineup—and let us know in the comments below who your nominees are for the (un)official Song of Summer™ title.

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