Watch: Billy Eichner Is Over “Evil Piece of Sh*t” Trump and Needs You to Vote

"The whole administration is awful. Everyone needs to vote."

Billy Eichner has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration for some time, but it appears he has hit peak over it with the news of the leaked memo revealing attempts to define gender as immutable and based on biological sex at birth.

TMZ caught up with him and asked about the midterm elections, which launched the comedian and host into an honest insight into his feelings about Trump and the importance of voting on November 6, or during early voting, which is already underway in many states.

After being asked if the “midterms are all glammed up,” Eichner answered in an almost monotone that seems to show his exhaustion and disgust that “everyone needs to vote for Democrats.”

When asked about the report, which the TMZ questioner classified as Trump “redefining gender potentially,” he interrupted, saying, “He’s not redefining shit.”

“You can’t redefine it,” he continued, “it’s a fact of life. He’s a fucking piece of shit asshole. Evil piece of shit. The whole administration is awful. Everyone needs to vote.”

When asked if there will be a “blue wave,” where Democrats are swept into office in opposition to the Republican’s agenda, he answered pragmatically.

“A blue wave should happen. If enough people vote, there will be a blue wave.”

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