Billy Eichner Reveals Only One Person Would Talk To Sean Spicer At The Emmys

The former press secretary had an awkward night in Hollywood.

Billy Eichner discussed his experience at the Emmys while making an appearance on Conan last night and said the most surreal part of the evening was seeing Sean Spicer in the greenroom backstage. But unfortunately for the former White House press secretary, none of the other actors would speak to him, except for one.

“The only person who would talk to him, I’m not kidding, is Young Sheldon,” Eichner told the talk show host. “So the little actor who plays Young Sheldon, who is amazing…Iain Armitage…he’s talking to Sean Spicer and no one else will talk to Sean Spicer.”

The American Horror Story star said that eventually the 9-year-old actor, who also appeared in Big Little Lies this year, walked over to him and asked if it was the real Spicer.

“Like even Young Sheldon thought it might have been Melissa McCarthy and was very confused,” Eichner said. “And then when we said, ’Yes, it’s the real Sean Spicer,’ even Young Sheldon rolled his eyes and was like, ’Oh, shit.'”

Watch Eichner tell the full story below.


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