“Billy on the Street” Wants to Know Why Emma Stone Isn’t on Instagram

Only asking the important questions.

Billy on the Street is back.

Just last week Billy Eichner announced he was bringing his beloved pop culture quiz show back with new episodes set to debut exclusively online. Now Eichner has kept true to his promise, and today he dropped a new six-minute episode of Billy on the Street, and he brought along Oscar winner Emma Stone.

Tru TV Billy on the Street Billy Eichner
Tru TV

In the new clip Eichner is back to his old ways—and by that we mean terrorizing unsuspecting New Yorkers—and this time he was asking them all about Stone, and why the popular actress wasn’t on Instagram.

But seriously, why isn’t Emma Stone on Instagram?

Do New Yorkers care if Stone is on Instagram? Or that they are even in the presence of an Oscar winner? Watch the fun video below to find out.

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