Hank Azaria’s 9 Greatest Moments In “The Birdcage”

"Are you afraid of my Guatamaleness?!?"

The Birdcage: A gay film classic from 1996 that’s actually an adaptation of a musical from 1983 that was inspired by a French film from 1978, that was a re-staging of a play from 1974.

It’s an age-old tale of star-crossed lovers, as the daughter of a conservative politician finds love with the son of a drag club owner. And it’s a comedy goldmine, too: Robin Williams and Nathan Lane are brilliant as gay couple Armand and Albert Goldman, who pose as man and wife to appear “normal” to their right-wing in-laws.


But we’re here to credit the film’s unsung treasure—namely Hank Azaria, who steals every scene as the criminally put-upon manservant Agador Spartacus.

If we were wealthy nightclub owners in need of a houseboy, we’d hire Agador in a heartbeat. He’s got it all: Pecs, dancing, denim cut-offs, and a sassy attitude. And the HEAT!

We almost can’t handle it.


In celebration of the film’s 20th anniversary this month we’ve compiled a list of Agador Spartacus’ greatest moments.

  1. When Agador helped Albert calm his nerves.


    Tending to an emotional drag queen going through a mid-life crisis is not easy, but Agador handled it like a pro—with drugs.

  2. When Agador made cleaning fun.


    Listen, you mop up a house with that many wigs and not put one on. To this day, we throw on a bra and sweep to Gloria Estefan in Agador’s honor.

  3. When Agador served breakfast.


    Armand: “What is this? Sludge?” Agador: “Yes it’s sludge. I thought it’d be a nice change from coffee.”

  4. When Agador cleaned the pool.


    What’s the old saying? “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have?” Clearly Agador had bigger plans for his life than catering to the Goldmans forever.

  5. When Agador had a hard time letting go.

    Really, who wants to say goodbye to a beloved friend? Unless the good wigs are involved, that is.

  6. When Agador was honest about his limitations.

    “I never wear shoes because they make me fall down.” Same.

  7. When exceptions were not made.



  8. When Agador cooked dinner, even when he didn’t know how.


    Seriously, the Goldmans could have saved themselves a lot of trouble if they just catered?

  9. When Agador got the big finish.

    Thank God the conservative Keeley family took so long to figure out Mother “Coleman” was no lady. Had they been paying closer attention, we might have never gotten this scene where Agador OWNS the vocal score to My Fair Lady. Oh, Agador, we could dance all night with you.

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