“Birds of Prey” Villains “More Than Likely” Gay, Says Ewan McGregor

Canon or pandering?

Is Birds of Prey badass or queerbaiting?

The upcoming Warner Bros. and DC Films superhero flick stars Margot Robbie, reprising her role as Harley Quinn from 2016’s Suicide Squad.

This week at the opening of Birds of Prey’s “Harleywood & Highland” event in Hollywood, Variety got to the bottom of the rumored “sexual tension” between Ewan McGregor and Chris Messina’s villainous characters, crime lord Roman Sionis (a.k.a. Black Mask) and serial killer Victor Zsasz.

Warner Bros. Pictures

“So are you guys gay in the movie?” reporter Marc Malkin asked.

“It’s very complicated,” McGregor replied. “Their relationship is very much based… there’s a want and a need in there for sure.”

“There’s like a real love of anarchy,” added Messina, who had kissed McGregor’s cheek at the top of the interview.

“More than likely, yes,” McGregor finally interrupted as his co-star searched for his words, and both actors laughed.

Okay. So is that canon, fellas, or just some playful pandering?

“Honestly just say they’re straight,” tweeted Billy Eichner, who played a meerkat with a “gay sensibility” in The Lion King. “Please. Enough with this have it both ways nonsense.”

Gotham police officer Renee Montoya, played by Rosie Perez in Birds of Prey, is reportedly the first major openly queer character to appear in a DC Extended Universe film. Comedian Ali Wong is said to play Montoya’s ex-girlfriend.

Birds of Prey is in theaters February 7.

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