Birthday Gallery: Darren Criss Turns 27

Since he burst on to the scene as Blaine Anderson on Glee, triple-threat Darren Criss has experienced a fandom few have every experienced (on this site, he has been … polarizing).

For the last several years, he has placed at #1 or #2 on TheBacklot’s Hot 100, and we have to admit to an affection for a certain Darren facial expression

Today is his 27th birthday, and because Darren is one of the most animated celebrities we know, here are 27 GIFS, which show the man in motion. Enjoy!

[mtvn_gallery id=149183 width=500 height=350 modal=true]

Darren has changed all of our lives, but did you know he actually affected the course of world history? Here are just a few examples of historic moments Darren witnessed.

He was there during the Big Bang! Or is it possible he … created it?

He was there when the dinosaurs became extinct! Fortunately, he was enjoying an underground rave at the time, so he escaped the meteor.

Darren was one of the few survivors of The Donner Party. We’re not sure how he survived, but we’re glad he did!

Finally, it was one small step for man, one giant leap for DARRENKIND!

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