Birthday Gallery: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Turns 33

We first got to know Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a child star, through his many commercials, such feature films as Angels In The Outfield, and most notably his TV appearances, including a six-season stint as alien Tommy on Third Rock From The Sun.

He left acting for a few years to attend college, and he came back with a renewed vigor, focusing on gritty independent films and character studies. His role in 2004’s Mysterious Skin as a gay prostitute completely redefined his career, and is one of the great performances of the last decade.

Joseph has maintained an eclectic career, appearing in beloved indies Latter Days and 500 Days Of Summer (for which he received a Golden Globe nomination), and big-budget fare G.I. Joe and The Dark Knight Rises. Last year he wrote, directed, and starred in the well-received Don Jon.

We don’t know what he’ll bring us in the future, but we’ll definitely be along for the ride. Today is his 33rd birthday, so here’s a gallery of Joseph in various states of exuberance … and various stages of buff.

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