Birthday (Pant) Suit: Hillary Clinton’s Greatest Fashion Moments

HRC gets it done—in Washington and on the red carpet.

On this day 68 years ago, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton arrived fully formed on a seashell blown by the west winds—nude save for a scrunchie and a monochromatic pantsuit.

Or something like that.

Today marks Hill’s birthday, and to honor our future Commandress-in-Chief, we’re taking a look at her long catwalk through history, as told by her fashion choices.

Here are Hillary Clinton’s greatest fashion moments. Happy birthday, HRC!

Back in her babe days, young Hillary was more than just a pretty face with a great head of hair.

Even back then, she wasn’t afraid of a bold print or statement eyewear.

Bill met Hill in 1971, while they were both at Yale and/or—judging from their hippie chic phase— sneaking spliffs into Doobie Brothers concerts.

“If you’re going to keep staring at me,” Hill told the future POTUS in the Yale Law Library, “I might as well introduce myself.”

wedding dress
The power couple cleaned up nicely and tied the knot in 1975.

Don’t sleep on this waist! Come through, Hillary! Meanwhile, both she and Bill are giving you gams for days.

WASHINGTON, : U.S. President Bill Clinton (L) twirls First Lady Hillary Clinton during an onstage dance 20 January 1993 as they stopped by the Arkansas inaugural ball in Washington,D.C. (Photo credit should read TIM CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)
Fast forward to Hill’s tenure as First Lady, starting out strong at the 1993 Inauguration wearing her go-to designer, Oscar de la Renta.

sheer beaded midriff
Even in the 90s, Hill’s waist game was on point, as seen in this sheer beaded midriff.

The pantsuits were already alive and snatching.

Hills kept de la Renta, but traded in the purple for gold at the 1997 inauguration.

gold cape
Super women need capes.

Hillary Clinton (Photo by KMazur/WireImage)
Clinton wore this de la Renta stunner to accept her Best Spoken Word Album Grammy for It Takes a Village in 1997. The face of the agape ginger in the background says it all: gag.

Start spreading the news! Back in 2000, Hills was giving you a little Liza with this legging and a heel wrapped up in a dramatic coat.

2003 mandela birthday
Hills, then serving as New York Senator, showed up and showed out, serving congressional glamor at Nelson Mandela’s 85th birthday party.

scrunchie flip
As Secretary of State, Clinton brought new life to the ponytail and made scrunchies business attire.

Statement eyewear.

Settling into her role as a fashion icon, Hillary chose this flowing kaftan to arrive at daughter Chelsea’s wedding weekend.

The mother of the bride, once again in Oscar de la Renta, almost stole the show from Chelsea, who opted for classic Vera Wang.

Now that she’s running for president, Hillary’s style is “grown woman doing whatever she wants.”

Of course she’s been doing whatever she’s wanted for the past 50 years or so—from Ivy League law student, to transformative First Lady, United States Senator to Secretary of State. Next stop, White House?

A third inauguration gown is unprecedented but Hillary Clinton’s not known for letting precedents get in her way.

Lester Fabian Brathwaite is an LA-based writer, editor, bon vivant, and all-around sassbag. He's formerly Senior Editor of Out Magazine and is currently hungry. Insta: @lefabrat