Bisexual Archie Comics Character Joins “Riverdale”

The newcomer is "vivacious, exciting, and a bit of a disrupter."

Throw another burger on the grill, Pop! Riverdale is welcoming a new resident.

Archie Comics

Executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has confirmed that Archie Comics character Toni Topaz is joining the CW drama in season 2, ET Online reports.

Aguirre-Sacasa describes the TV version of the character as a Southside High student and member of the Southside Serpents who’s known for her pink hair and big appetite. “She’s always been very, very vivacious, exciting, and a bit of a disrupter,” says the showrunner.

Vanessa Morgan
Amy Graves/Getty Images

As “a friend and confidant to Jughead Jones,” Toni might specifically disrupt Jughead’s relationship with Betty, he hints.

Toni, who is strongly hinted to be bisexual in the comics, will be played by Canadian actress Vanessa Morgan of MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles. Aguirre-Sacasa says that the character’s bisexuality “is something that we’re going to explore.”


Due to an increase from 13 to 22 episodes for season 2, Aguirre-Sacasa also promises more screen time and stronger storylines for secondary characters like fan favorite Kevin Keller, a gay high schooler who has already had flings with bad boy Joaquin and closet case Moose. Casey Cott, who plays Keller, was recently upgraded to a series regular for the second season.

Season 2 of Riverdale premieres October 11 on the CW.

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