Bisexual Dutch Singer Duncan Laurence Wins Eurovision 2019

Madonna also helped "wake up" the finale in Tel Aviv.

Duncan Laurence dared to dream.

Representing the Netherlands, the 25-year-old Dutch singer won the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, the world’s biggest music competition, Saturday in Tel Aviv.

Laurence’s win with the emotional ballad “Arcade” marks the fifth Eurovision victory for the Netherlands, which last topped the televised contest in 1975.

Laurence, who also competed on The Voice of Holland, mentioned his bisexuality Thursday during a Eurovision press conference after qualifying for the finals, Metro reports.

“I am more than just an artist, I am a person, I am a living being, I’m bisexual, I’m a musician, I stand for things,” he said. “And I’m proud that I get the chance to show what I am, who I am.”

While some media outlets have reported this statement as him officially coming out, Laurence has actually been open about his sexual orientation and boyfriend on social media and in previous interviews.

“To me love has no limits and especially not in gender,” he wrote in an October 2018 Instagram post, noting that coming out as bisexual in 2016 “was the best thing I have ever done in my life. Not because I want to fool around with both girls and boys, not because I can’t choose… Quite the opposite: my choice is clear. I fall in love with a person. And how lucky I am I’ve found that person a couple of months ago.”

Eurovision, which ABBA famously won in 1974, is always a reliably queer spectacle. Trans Israeli singer Dana International took home top honors in 1998, and Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst won in 2014. Both artists returned to perform at this year’s event, which included cyber-bullied gay French competitor Bilal Hassani and queer BDSM techno band Hatari from Iceland.

A Belarusian commentator made headlines during the semi-finals with his flippantly homophobic remarks in response to same-sex couples shown on a kiss-cam.

As promised, Madonna took the Eurovision stage Saturday during the finale, getting mixed reviews for her performances of “Like a Prayer” and new Madame X track “Future” with Quavo.

Ignoring warnings from Eurovision organizers to steer clear of politics, Madonna referenced the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with two backup dancers seen arm in arm wearing Israel and Palestine flags. Ending a dystopia-themed performance that included gas masks, she whispered “wake up!” before she and Quavo fell backwards off the stage.

“Look at all the delegates behind us, so many countries that I have been privileged enough to visit and experience, and the one thing that brings me to these countries is music,” Madonna said in an onstage interview. “So let’s never underestimate the power of music to bring people together.”

GLAAD’s Advocate for Change also flirted with gay Israeli co-host Assi Azar, telling him to “lose” his husband. BBC commentator Graham Norton later joked that her eye-patch was due to a “bad case of conjunctivitis.”

See clips featuring Laurence and his winning song below.

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