NEW VIDEO: Bjork Talks Love Of Elves

Bjork is back folks. Bjork is back, promoting her new album Biophilia and, of course, speaking about her love for elves.

Bjork was a guest on The Colbert Report last night and while being interviewed by host Stephen Colbert confirmed that people in Iceland do indeed believe in elves, the largely thought to be mythical creatures. Colbert equated this notion to the American belief in ghosts while his guest revealed that elves represent more of a connection with nature for her people. “It’s all about respect,” explained the singer.

Bjork also discussed her new album, which is also an app that allows iPad users to change the sound of songs and add notes of their own. Bjork apparently began making the album on a touch screen back in 2008 as she claims she is unable to sing while playing piano or guitar and yearned to be a true troubadour. As luck should have it, the iPad was released a year later and now everyone can play with Bjork.

Watch the delightful interview above.