Bjork Wants To Collaborate With Nina Bo’Nina Brown

"Sue me."

Bjork has never been shy gushing about her love for RuPaul’s Drag Race, and now the queen of the Icelandic music scene has revealed that she wants to work with Season 9 contestant, Nina Bo’nina Brown.

Santiago Felipe/Redferns

The Vespertine singer was on Matt Wilkinson’s Beats 1 radio show to talk about her new album, Utopia, and Wilkinson asked her if one of her new songs, “Sue Me,” was inspired by Nina’s catchphrase from the show.

“You will not believe this, but the Nina Bo’Nina reference was after,” confessed Bjork. “It’s some zeitgeist,” she added after Wilkinson couldn’t believe the coincidence.

“Yeah, it was meant to be. I wrote the song before it happened. Maybe I should ask her to do a remix or something,” the singer suggested.

“That would be incredible,” replied Wilkinson.

Incredible would be an understatement. Jealous, Katya?

The radio host went onto ask Bjork about the look for her new album, and if her daughter—who lives with Bjork—found it strange for all of these costumes and wigs to be in their house. Luckily, her daughter wasn’t bothered, partly because they went through a dress up phase last year, after a marathon viewing of Drag Race Season 9.

“We still remember all of the [Season 9] queens’ names by heart,” she said. “We got drag fever and there were a lot of wigs and makeup going on in our house.”

Welcome to the club, Bjork. Now call up Nina and get working on that “Sue Me” remix!

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3 will premiere this winter on VH1.

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