Black Friday Shopping Alert: Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister Co. To Bring Shirtless Joy To Millions

Climb aboard...they're expecting you.

I interrupt this turkey preparation to remind you that Black Friday is almost upon us. As in, the day that you do combat in comfortable pants for holiday gifts alongside crazed housewives searching for the best Bratz doll. Rest up, buttercup – they’re forecasting a bumpy morning.

But imagine if you could get a head start on the holiday shopping with something that felt a little more sexy and civilized. You know, like a bevy of shirtless men ready to help you get your shop on? Excellent, glad you agree: head to Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister Co. as your first stop for Black Friday shopping with one Hell of a view.

The two stores have decided to revisit their sexy roots by staffing every single store nationwide (817 in total) with their iconic shirtless greeters, ready to help you pick out that perfect gifts. Get ready to shop and partywith these hotties starting at 12 midnight on Friday, November 25. You can also expect the deepest sales promotions in the company’s history, so keep your eyes peeled to their Twitter accounts ( @Abercrombie and @HollisterCo )¬†as well as their Facebook pages (here and here) for up-to-the-minute shopping news.

Then feel free to arrive at those big department stores all happy and motivated to spread some holiday cheer. A bevy of shirtless wonders ready to help you find that perfect sweater? Yes, please enjoy, all you ’ho ’ho ’hos.