Intern Sues For Having To Get Natalie Portman Coffee

Interns are kind of getting out of control these days. While in year’s past a youngster would be thrilled to get some work experience despite not being paid, today’s interns are willing to sue for being forced to perform free labor. And that is just what an intern from the set of Black Swan is doing.

The intern is suing Fox Searchlight, the producer of the film, saying they broke labor laws by making him work long hours and perform menial tasks like getting coffee, taking lunch orders and cleaning the office. The kind of tasks that interns, as much as it stinks, have to do.

So, as sorry as some may want to feel for Mr. Alex Footman, I can tell you for a fact that half of my friends would likely quit their jobs in a second to do anything around Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Heck, they would possibly pay them!

That being said, we are a relatively new site and could REALLY use a few interns. Interested Alex?

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