Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Wedding: Now With Super Boring Photos

There were tarts! Ryan and Blake held hands! Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Spotted: Serena and Dan’s wedding album in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.

Just kidding. Serena knows “Martha Stewart” is code for Lily’s prescriptions cabinet. Anyway, Her Royal Blondeness got herself up and married to everyone’s favorite Ken Doll Ryan Reynolds back in October, and Martha Stewart’s Wedding magazine has an exclusive feature on all of the most boring details.

EXCEPT. It looks like everything Blake’s ever said in past interviews about being a dessert fanatic is real, based on the godly amount of dessert served. Everything looks amazing and delicious and S’MORES BARS. There are s’mores bars. Mini strawberry shortcakes. Tiny lemon meringue tarts.

And the cake. Okay. If I was engaged to Ryan Reynolds and then, on my wedding day, saw this cake before walking down the aisle- this “vanilla and sour cream cake with peach-apricot preserves and Earl Grey-milk chocolate buttercream” cake…I would probably marry the cake. I would probably just skip the wedding and marry the cake. Because everything I’ve ever thought about Blake and how she seems like a pretty cool person despite having the face of a goddess is 100 percent true and confirmed with this cake.

Also she wore a custom Marchesa gown (of course) and a lot of pastels. So you know, typical rich people wedding stuff also happened outside of desserts. And they exchanged rings by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, which is about as expected as Serena and Dan ending up together (re: very).

See all the pics here.

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