Former Child Actor Faces Backlash After Calling “Pose” Just “‘Glee’ With a Viral Load”

"Tasteless & tactless."

Former child actor Blake McIver Ewing starred in the 1994 feature film The Little Rascals. Now he’s causing more trouble, this time on Twitter.

On Thursday, July 25, Ewing tweeted out: “So is Pose just Glee with a viral load now?”


While we are assuming that was a (bad) attempt at a joke, Twitter was not laughing, with users swiftly telling Ewing to take down the tweet—which he did. Not only that, but he also deleted his entire Twitter profile.

This isn’t the first time the out actor has gotten into hot water on the social media site. Back in January he had a Twitter outburst during Fox’s Rent Live, which he later blamed on his mental state.

“I had a severe manic depressive episode last night and although it’s not an excuse for what was said publicly and privately, it’s a reason,” he later tweeted.

Vincent Sandoval/WireImage

Blake McIver Ewing got his showbiz start at the age of 7 on Star Search, and over the next few years made memorable appearances on Full House, The Nanny, and as Waldo in Little Rascals. He came out publicly as gay in 2010, and in recent years he was a regular on Bravo’s The People’s Couch. He also released an album, The Time Manipulator, in 2014.

But something tells us he won’t be booking any jobs for awhile after this latest Twitter incident.

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