Blake Shelton Tells Westboro Baptist Church To Blow Him, Again: WATCH

Blake Shelton, that strappin’ hunk of country meat, has never been all that shy about his distaste for the Westboro Baptist Church and their bathsit crazy zany ways, but give this boy a few drinks, and his barbs become much more amusing, as we get to see in a new interview with our very favorite country star.

It all went down after Usher’s birthday party at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood, where Blake showed up to support his former cohost from The Voice. This was incredibly nice of Blakey, as we would not attend the birthday party of a friend who was turning 35-years-old and insisted in having the event at a club. But that’s another story.

As Shelton left, the omnipresent men and women that are the TMZ film crew caught up with him, and asked him about those Westboro folks, folks who protested one of his concerts earlier this month because he is an adulterer and has been married twice, qualities we actually look for in our friends. This was his response at the time:


As for Blake’s message to them this time around? Well, same exact thing pretty much.

Check it out above.