Bob The Drag Queen Attends Alaska’s Funeral In New Music Video “Yet Another Dig”

"Time to chop a bitch down, 'Tina! Bring me the axe!'"

Drag Race royalty is teaming up in the music video for Bob the Drag Queen’s new single, “Yet Another Dig.”

The Season 8 winner collaborated with Alaska for the new track, and the video opens up at the funeral for the All Stars 2 champion.

Bob delivers reads and digs galore on each verse, even accusing Alaska’s win of being “yet another rig.” The chorus then kicks in, performed by a group of backup singers led by Drag Race star Jiggly Caliente.

YouTube/ Bob The Drag Queen

When it’s time for Alaska’s verse, the reigning All Star delivers what she does best—hilarious references to well-known Drag Race moments. This time around, she crawls out of her grave while singing a re-worded version of Roxxxy Andrews’ highly mocked verse from “Read U Wrote U.” She then sets her sights on Season 9, referencing Shea CouleĂ©’s loss and Valentina’s mask moment with the line “I’d like to keep it on, please.”

The video proves that the winners’ powers grow even stronger when they work together. Check it out below.

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