The Theme Song For Your Summer Has Arrived With “Rosé All Day”

With a special appearance by Laganja Estranja!

Summer is upon us and you know what that means: rosé season is about to be in full swing.

The light, refreshing drink of choice for poolside parties and sizzling soirées has become so popular that summer destinations like the Hamptons have been in danger of selling out of the wine in recent years.

rose all day bobby newberry 3
YouTube/Bobby Newberry

Now a new song from choreographer Bobby Newberry has turned your rosé obsession into a catchy pop track that will have you bopping your head while you dream of catching rays in the pool.

rose all day
YouTube/Bobby Newberry

Newberry might not be a familiar face but you’ve probably seen his moves before. He’s choreographed routines for everyone from Pussycat Dolls to Eminem and Missy Elliot—even winning a 2008 VMA for the Pussycat Dolls’ video, “When I Grow Up.”

In the video Newberry and his posse of girls show off their moves by dancing around a rooftop pool party dressed in every shade of pink imaginable. Even Drag Race’s Laganja Estranja stops by for a quick—but fierce—cameo.

rose all day bobby newberry 4
YouTube/Bobby Newberry

So pop a bottle now because the video below will inspire you to start rosé season a little earlier than usual this year.


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