Body Of An Unidentified Black Transgender Person Recovered From A Creek In Dallas

The incident comes just days before another transgender woman of color was strangled to death in the city.

UPDATE: Police have identified the victim as 39-year-old transgender woman. They are still using a male name, but the community has identified her as Nicole Hall.

The body of a transgender woman was recovered from White Rock Creek, in Dallas, this past weekend and police are asking for assistance in identifying her.

A kayaker discovered her remains floating in the water Saturday night. Officials describe the victim as a black woman, around 5’3″ in height and weighing approximately 130 pounds, wearing a black shirt and black scrub pants.

She does not match any known missing persons reports, and had no tattoos or identifying marks on her body, which was in a serious state of decomposition.

Dallas Police have released a sketch of the deceased, above, in hopes that someone will recognize her. They are awaiting a report from the medical examiner, and in the meantime are investigating the incident as an accidental death. That could change, particularly as there were some indications she suffered an injury, NBC 5 reports.

The gruesome discovery came just days after the transgender community was rocked by the death of Carla Patricia Flores-Pavón, a 26-year-old transgender woman of color killed by strangulation, making her the ninth known transgender murder victim in the United States this year alone.

Police do not believe the two cases are related at this time, Deputy Chief Thomas Castro said at a press conference Tuesday.

Authorities are searching for a Latin male with dark, short hair a witness said they saw leaving Flores-Pavón’s residence shortly before she was discovered unconscious inside.


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