A “Bohemian Rhapsody” Sequel Is Being “Heavily Discussed”

We Will Rock You... Again!

After grossing $870 million worldwide, the cast of Bohemian Rhapsody could be returning for an encore.

Rudi Dolezal, who directed music videos for Queen back in the day, and was close friends with Freddie Mercury, told Page Six that a sequel to the Oscar-winning film is “being heavily discussed in the Queen family.”

20th Century Fox

Dolezal adds how Queen’s manager, Jim Beach, is planning a follow-up movie that would begin at the legendary Live Aid concert—where Bohemian Rhapsody ended. But where a sequel would go from there is anyone’s guess. The Live Aid concert was in 1985 and Mercury died in 1991 due to complications from AIDS.

A second film following the lives of Freddie Mercury and his Queen bandmates might not sound like the best idea, but you can’t blame the producers for trying to strike gold twice. The first movie grossed almost $900 million worldwide, becoming the top grossing music biopic of all time, and it won for Oscars last month, including Best Actress for Rami Malek.

Even if the sequel went into production it would still be years away—and we are guessing that Bryan Singer would not be stepping behind the camera again. Would you want Malek to rock you again in Bohemian Rhapsody 2?

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