Book Claims George Washington Was Gay, A Girl On Grindr: Today In Gay

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Public interest in presidential sex didn’t begin with John F. Kennedy: A new book, Sex and the Founding Fathers, addresses various peccadillos from the colonial era, including rumors that Alexander Hamilton and George Washington were gay.

Washington got hit with rumors because he was childless and a freemason (who were maligned at the time as “engaging in anal penetration with wooden spikes used in ship building”), and Hamilton because of his intimate friendship with John Laurens, a fellow soldier. “I wish, my dear Laurens, it were in my power, by actions, rather than words, to convince you that I love you.”

arizona christopher gorham

Christopher Gorham at a USA “Characters Unite” rally

Though the Arizona Legislature passed a measure legalizing anti-gay discrimination on religious grounds just last week, three Republican Senators who voted for SB 1162 are calling on  Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill.

Oh, not because they’ve had a change of heart, but because all the negative publicity around it is hurting the state: “Our sincere intent in voting for this bill wad to create a shield for all citizens’ religious liberties. The bill has instead been mischaracterized by its opponents as a sword for religious intolerance,” Sens. Bob Worsley, Adam Driggs and Steve Pierce stated in a letter to Brewer. “These allegations are causing our state immeasurable harm.”

The passage of SB 1162, which would allow business owners to deny services to gays and lesbians if it went against their religious beliefs, has garnered massive protest from LGBT groups, local businesses and even celebrities like George Takei and Christopher Gorham.

iPhone5_Cascade-145x300A female columnist for The Date Report created a fake Grindr profile to see whether dating was harder or easier for her gay brethren.

Meet Big Ted: A multi-racial heartthrob living in Los Angeles. Big Ted’s chiseled body and strikingly handsome face could easily land on the pages of a popular fitness magazine, but instead he runs a successful graphic design company out of his home office in Studio City. A self-described ambitious boy looking for fun, Big Ted has an active social life and outdoorsy hobbies.

Initially writer Natalia Provatas was thrilled with the anonymity and immediacy of the app.  And she learned a few things:

I thought there was one basic model of the penis, with a few size and surfacing variations… Grindr taught me that male genitalia are like snowflakes, unique in their own way. Some are large, regal and command attention, like a General in the Army. Other penises are dumpy with low self-esteem. I even saw one that looked like Snooki from Jersey Shore, fake tan and Bump-It included.

But eventually, Provatas came to the same conclusion many of us have: That sending dick pics and blowing off meetups is just an easy way to avoid a real connection.

I realized I was coping with the loss of my relationship by trivializing dating into a calculated exchange of naked photos with strangers, desensitizing myself to it. By trading these intimate photos, I was able to avoid intimacy altogether.

trick-campbell-pitocThe straight stars of the turn-of-the-last-century gay romance Trick revealed they were only offered gay roles after the films’ release:At an event celebrating the movie’s 15th anniversary,  Christian Campbell admitted, “After Trick came out a lot of the scripts I was getting were for gay roles.  I had a lot of resentment about that because as an actor you want to be seen for all the other things you can do.”

Ironically Campbell said he’s testing for a gay character on an ABC series later this week. “The gay mafia is very powerful,” he joked. “They’ve taken very good care of me.”

Dan Avery is a writer-editor who focuses on culture, breaking news and LGBT rights. His work has appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times, Time Out New York, The Advocate and elsewhere.