Bow Wow Possibly Outed As Gay On Twitter

Sleeping beauty.

Something rotten is going on in the state of Bow Wow.

A photo allegedly showing a shirtless Bow Wow in bed, sleeping on top of another shirtless male, has leaked online. Twitter user @7_i_am posted the photo, and Bow Wow replied by tweeting, “RT i got 2500$ to any Detroit ni**a that finds @7_i_am and slaps the piss outta diss ni**a. Word!” He followed that up with a now-deleted tweet: “@7_I_Am bitch ass ni**a keep dem bruno ass pics to yo self. U f*kn fruit pie. If u was in front of me id piss on u and ya momma.”


This is when things get odd. Bow Wow’s account was suddenly “hacked” by someone, claiming to be a 19-year-old rapper from Indiana, demanding $10,000 in exchange for giving the page back to Bow Wow.

The guy who originally tweeted the bed photo said, “no one hacked his page it’s him AB his team doing damn control after threatening me.”

So a photo that may or may not be of Bow Wow cuddling with another man, may or may not have caused either a) a hacker to take over the rapper’s account and attempt to extort him on Twitter or b) Bow Wow and his PR team to go on damage control by making this all up.

This is almost as confusing as when remembering who Bow Wow is, and whether or not we still begin his name with “Lil”.