A Surivor Of The Bowling Green Massacre Shares Her Harrowing Story

"I may not know what a massacre is [or] what words are... but I do know that that massacre happened."

After presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway brought the horrific Bowling Green Massacre to national attention last week, one brave woman has stepped forward to share her moving story of survival.


Desha Harding, as portrayed by actor Navaris Darson, felt moved to post a video about her experiences on the day of the massacre after seeing people say the incident never happened.

“I don’t normally do this… but people are saying that the Bowling Green Massacre isn’t real and that’s really upsetting to me, because I was there,” she begins.

She goes on to say that she was working her regular shift at Kroger when two “bad dudes” walked in and checked out items through her lane.

“I rang them up and then they left—it was the scariest moment of my life,” she says through tears. “They were so different. They spoke American but it wasn’t the same kind of American I speak—it had a funny sound around it.”

Though she admits that she “may not know what a massacre is [or] what words are,” she does know that “bowling is a competitive Olympic sport, the sky is green and that massacre happened.”

She concludes: “Thank you Kellyanne Conway for doing the Lord’s work.”

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