Gay Boy-Bander Duncan James Denies Fling With Blue Bandmate Lee Ryan

lee ryan duncan james blue

Lee Ryan (left) and Duncan James (right) of Blue

Lee Ryan of Blue told housemates in UK Celebrity Big Brother that he had “experimented” with other men, but the singer’s bandmate and best friend, Duncan James, is denying it was with him.

After Lee’s revelation on the show, James, who is openly gay, tweeted, “I thought I was the only ‘bi/gay’ one in the band! Lmao #jumping OnTheBandWagon.”

British tabloids were quick to jump on the story, with the Sun publishing a quote from a source declaring “Lee has an incredibly intense relationship with Duncan. He feels he is the only person in the world who truly understands him… They love each other and it’s true they’ve been intimate over the years. They’re completely comfortable with each other and still go on holidays together.”

James, who currently lives with Ryan, rebuffed the story, tweeting, ’”Still laughin at this mornings claims. Every1 knows about the 3somes but it’s never gone beyond that. I mean I love Lee but not THAT much!” (SIC)”

Another source told the Mirror, “Lee and Duncan are both highly-sexed guys and have had loads of threesomes together. But there’s always been a third party there. They’ve never had sex alone.”

That’s not what Ryan is saying: While in the Celebrity Big Brother House, he’s been seen snogging both actress Jasmine Waltz and glamour model Casey Batchelor, and on Monday’s episode, he told Waltz he and James sleep together “all the time.”

James insists he’s just telling tales to impress a girl.

“He’s like my little brother. It would be like incest if I slept with Lee Ryan,” says the 35-year-old. “I’ve never even touched Lee’s willy and that’s the truth. I’ve seen it, but I’ve never touched it.”

He added: “Hand on my heart, on my daughter’s life, I’ve slept with him in the same bed, but I’ve never actually physically had sex with him.”

If only American pop stars had such shenanigans.



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