Boy George & One Direction Hottie Are Fighting

Who do you think it is?? Photo Credit: Getty Images

Who do you think it is?? Photo Credit: Getty Images

Today in Pop Star Problems, Boy George and One Direction’s Liam Payne are throwing down on Twitter in what is sure to be one of rock’n roll’s least memorable feuds of all-time.

Ah yes, it seems something wicked’s brewing between the Olds and Youngs in Brit Pop Land, mainly because of Liam’s apparently rude behavior towards Boy George and his niece when the latter requested a photo op.

“Bollox’s to Liam and the disrespectful wanker of a minder,” George tweeted, with a maturity only thirty years in the music business could reveal.

(Liam’s bandmate Harry Styles was more than willing to oblige though, which is kind of like asking for single-scoop and getting a full-on sundae for free instead so whatever, stop complaining George.)

Though only 19, Liam (the aforementioned wanker) knew exactly where George’s weak spot lied and tweeted back that he had simply just pointed out Niall (another member of Wand Erection) and that George should “just keep wearing ur strange hats and enjoy yourself my little Georgie pie…It’s still not cool you just look wierd [sic].” Classic use of “I before E” Liam!

Burn. George is already on the receiving end of the One Direction Twitter army, an assembled group of thirty thousand tween girls who can text 120 characters in less than fifteen seconds. Will this be the straw that finally gets him to take off those “wierd” hats?

Probably not. Do you really want to hurt him, Liam? Do you really want to make him cry??

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