This 12-Year-Old Lad Has The Perfect Reason To Support Same-Sex Marriage In Australia

"I marched for the people who couldn’t."

When an Australian boy marched in support of marriage equality in his country last weekend, he was fighting for his right to marry the man he loves. And that man is Chris Hemsworth.

Max Townes took part in a massive rally in Sidney to encourage people to vote “yes” in Australia’s postal survey on same-sex marriage, and his sign was a warning to the government—and to Hemsworth—that he’ll be expecting equal rights when he is no longer a minor.

“All I want is the right to marry Chris Hemsworth,” he wrote. “You’ve got five years until I’m 18, Australia! You too, Chris!”

Townes, who turns 13 in November, told Gay Star News that it’s Hemsworth’s jawline that has him all hot and bothered, and while he knows he’s not actually going to marry the actor, he made the sign “to draw attention to a serious matter.”

“I decided to march on Sunday because I think it’s fair that all Australians have the right to marry if they choose to,” he said. “I have LGBTI friends and family and think they should be able to marry if they choose to. I marched for human rights.”

“It’s a matter close to my heart,” he added. “It’s frustrating that the government hasn’t made the decision themselves and the LGBTI community is now exposed to nasty comments that question our existence…I marched for the people who couldn’t.”

Alberto Alcocer/Getty Images

Luckily for Townes, the object of his affection is on board with marriage equality Down Under, too.

The Australian actor put out a message ahead of the deadline to register for the vote last month, urging citizens to vote for equality.

“Dear open-minded, free-speaking, laid-back, life-loving Aussies,” Hemsworth said. “Marriage is about love and commitment and, in a country based on equal citizenship, it should be available to everyone! Vote now for marriage equality.”

Townes hopes that the Hollywood hunk sees his sign, with the hashtag #MaxMeetChris created to help make it happen, but is thrilled that at least they both already stand on the right side of history.

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