Birthday Gallery: Brad Pitt Turns 50

Superstar Brad Pitt has been in our lives for 25 years, from early appearances on Dallas and Growing Pains, to the short-lived series Glory Days. But it was his electric appearance as shady drifter J.D. in Thelma & Louise that first brought him a taste of the stardom he’d experience for the next two decades.

He’s been nominated for three Oscars for his performances in Twelve Monkeys, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and Moneyball (which also garnered him a producing nomination), and had memorable turns in such films as Fight Club and Seven.

On the personal side, he’s a vocal advocate for marriage-equality and fought hard against Prop 8, and he and wife Angelina Jolie (with whom he’s shared many a tabloid headline) are two of our greatest allies.

Today, the perennial sexiest man alive reaches a milestone, celebrating his 50th birthday. Let’s take a pictorial look back at his life and career. And hair.

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