Bradley James Goes American, Lee Daniels Grabs Some Father Time, Steve Grand’s Rock Star Rider : CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Michael J. Willett takes a robe day, Will Young wears the rainbow for G-A-Y, Simon Dunn brings Aussie bobsled butt

Muscle Milk, Red Bull and Makers Mark is a pretty standard rock star rider

#SanDiego #UrbanMOs going on soon

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The only shade I’m throwing at this photo is jealousy I don’t have the thighs to pull of a suit that high cut

What a hike! #sunset #California

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I tend to forget that among the many things Lee Daniels does, he’s also a great dad

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Are the advertisements telling you something?

Thank you ?

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I think robe days are great. Depending on what you wear underneath

Robe Night on #MurderPact @lifetimetv

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Proud boyfriend

EMMY WINNER @traviswall EVERYBODY!!!!!!! Couldn't be more proud of you in every single way!!!!!

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Well, that’s a handsome couple. I’m really loving that shirt, but you have to have the perfect body to pull that off

#NYFW @marcosquared #gothamhall @corydstewart ????

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Once you play G-A-Y, you are the rainbow

The Aussie bobsled team from the front

And from the back. Well, mostly.

I think he works just enough to fund his travels

They do seem happy together

Luke meets international artists while he’s at TIFF

Sorry guys, I think Bradley James has gone native. We’ll keep him over here

I think this is my favorite Kim Davis meme

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