“13 Reasons Why” Costars Miles Heizer And Brandon Flynn Share A Kiss In The Emotional Short “Home Movies”

But they're definitely still not dating, right?

Weeks after 13 Reasons Why debuted on Netflix, rumors started to swirl that stars Miles Heizer (Alex Standall) and Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley) were an item in real life.

Though social media users were relentless in their shipping of the pair, Heizer’s rep eventually squashed the gossip, telling Page Six that the guys are friends, but definitely not dating.

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While some might’ve been disappointed at the news, fans were thrown a bone last week when it was discovered that Flynn and Heizer had worked together before starring as rivals on the popular Netflix series.

The duo both appear in Home Movies Pt. 1, a short directed by Kevin Rios and released on Vimeo two months ago. The project received an Honorable Mention for the Audience Award at Outfest’s Fusion Film Festival for its touching depictions of love between queer men.

In the video, Heizer and Flynn share a kiss, which inspired a bit of a frenzy on Twitter when the clip was unearthed.

Whatever their relationship may be, there’s no denying that they’ve got some real chemistry.

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