Brandon Routh Back To School, Chris Colfer And Pauley Perrette, Matt Doyle Packs His 8-Pack: INSTAGRAM

Nick Jonas in bed with another guy and his woobie, Steve Grand is a wanted man for that Speedo, Mark Wahlberg rocks serious VPL

That boyish face and the 8-pack get me every time

Last day of a damn good summer. #lastdayofsummer #Hamptons

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Sir Elton John went hands on to deliver the 25 millionth meal for Project Open Hand in Atlanta

Are they going to a funeral?

This morning with @amelladventures.

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Out Strongman Rob Kearney looks ready for competition. Or pulling a tank. Something

Max asked Twitter for a model in San Francisco on short notice yesterday and got this. My Grindr doesn’t work that well

I did not know he voiced the cartoon. I used to watch that

A #maxsteelmovie reunion with @anavillafaneofficial

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From Hawaii, to Nickelodeon to the White House, Maulik gets around

I’m glad to see him poke fun at the whole thing

It makes you feel young and vulnerable again

Arrow never had much luck with vehicles, but this seems a bit much

Darn kids slashed my van's tires!

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The latest from Sean Hayes and Scott Icenogle is an ingenious use of a BB-8 toy that just wants to find a charging base

My god those legs on Ryan

Pauley has always loved her gays. And it’s good to see Chris again. He disappears a lot

I’m not sure if I’m more fascinated by him sharing a bed with a guy, or the stuffed animal

There is no better place to be at Pride than in the center of the drag queens

This episode of the Naked Magician is a little creepy

This is why you pay for the insurance

I’m assuming that this is relevant to the plot of Something Like Summer

I’m not sure what the appropriate wish is, but I’ll join Gregg in wishing our Jewish readers well

This is one funny girl, and she’s blowing up on social media

Been seeing a lot of celebrity VPL lately

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