Brazilian Couple Protests Homophobia In The Best Way Possible By Getting Naked In The Streets Of São Paulo


Felippe and Marlon, a gorgeous gay Brazlian couple, stripped naked for a very NSFW photo shoot in the middle of the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, as a protest of homophobia and a celebration of activism against conservative, patriarchal politics.

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The photographer explained the symbolism behind these sexy and equally moving photographs.

Felippe and Marlon, carrying just the adrenaline and courage, had the idea of this photography. This same adrenaline that covers our faces, shakes our hands and dilates time–those little seconds becomes frighteningly and excitingly endless.

We have to be utopian and rethink a city naked of its prejudices, lovable even under the gray sky; complete just because of the differences, and respectful cause of the diversity. It is to be one day.


This comes in an pivotal time for Brazil, whose extremely gay-friendly past, including hosting the world’s largest gay rights parade, has been tainted by recent homophobic and transphobic attacks and beatings.

Jean Wylls, Brazil’s sole openly gay legislator, is working with other politicians to stop this mounting hate with an obvious epicenter.

We’re in a battle to create a law that protects gay and trans Brazilians and that severely punishes those that violate their rights. But Brazil is a very conservative company, and that conservatism has grown in the last few years, especially due to fundamentalist Christians that have become active in politics.

Fight the man!

Check out the full NSFW photo shoot here.