NOW: Critics Are Not Feeling ‘Breaking Dawn’

The holy trinity Photo Credit: Getty Images

Wedding! Honeymoon! Birth! Falling in love, like love love, with a newborn baby! All that and more is in store for the hoards of screaming tweens and neglected wives who run out to see Breaking Dawn this weekend. For the rest of us however, it is looking like another horrible fall film.

Here’s what the critics are saying.

“And is there anything to do about Taylor Lautner? He’s had four films now to improve, yet he’s still coming off like a reedy-voiced pretender, doing his best, but…say what you will about Robert Pattinson (fwoopy-haired vampire Edward) or Kristen Stewart (Edward’s squeeze, Bella), but Stewart is up around here, Pattinson a little below that, and Lautner (heartbroken werewolf Jacob) is down there somewhere.” – Chicago Tribune

“The acting’s better than it’s ever been, but with the best will in the world, this can’t get past the fact that the story’s demented.” – Empire

“That’s reason enough for Mr. Condon to get the character’s shirt off, as is the unavoidable truth that Mr. Lautner, whose pumped physique and flat affect bring to mind one of those friendly pizza delivery boys in a pornographic movie, remains a dish best served with as few words and clothes as possible.” – NY Times

“As The Twilight Saga grinds to its conclusion with the upcoming Breaking Dawn — Part 2, neither the trendiness of vampires and werewolves, nor the playful vox pop fun of declaring allegiance to Team Edward and Team Jacob are enough to justify the prim sermon of fleshly punishment that is Twilight’s eternal, hooey-filled message of damnation.” – EW

“Sex and abortion are the main topics of this installment, which tips between dullness and total camp. Quality’s never been an issue with the target audience; this’ll make a fortune.” – Box Office Mag