Breaking: TNT Renews “Southland” For Third Season

Southland fans? Our favorite cop drama is coming back and you know what that means! More Officer Cuddlybear! We may all now do a happy dance.

Here are the details!

The good news is that we’re going to have ten episodes of the show and that Michael Cudlitz will be back as Officer John Cooper. Speaking of Michael, here is what he just told me via email about the news:

I could not be happier. TNT has stood behind this show from the moment
we were released from our former home and they continue to aggressively
stand behind us. Thank you TNT.

Now the bad news: Southland won’t be back until January of next year. Big boos for that, but at least it’s coming back and we get to keep one of the best gay characters on TV. Maybe John will get a boyfriend in the new eps, and I don’t mean that skanky drug dealer he hooked up with last season. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll take John anyway I can get him.