Brendan Dooling Teases “Carrie Diaries” Finale and Walt’s Future

Anna Sophia Robb and Brendan Dooling in The Carrie Diaries

We still have not gotten word on a second season of the CW’s freshman series The Carrie Diaries, but tonight’s season finale definitely sets things in motion for more possible adventures with young Carrie Bradshaw (Anna Sophia Robb) and her friends, including her pal, Walt, whose coming out stops moving at a snail’s pace and speeds up considerably.

We asked Brendan Dooling, who plays Walt, to give us a glimpse into tonight’s episode and what the future holds for his character now that the closet door may be in his past.

AfterElton: Walt’s coming out is accelerated in the season finale. How do his friends react?
Brendan Dooling:
Walt is lucky that his core group of friends aren’t the kind to talk behind each other’s backs, so they haven’t even discussed the possibility of it in Walt’s absence. I think it blindsides Mouse as much as it does Maggie and, of course, Walt had already opened up to Carrie and Donna.

AE: More importantly, how does Maggie react?
Maggie takes it very personally. She sees it as a betrayal of trust and an indication that her last two years spent with Walt were a waste of time.

Katie Findlay (left) plays Walt’s ex-girlfriend Maggie

AE: Walt recently told Carrie he’s been thinking about Bennet Wilcox (Jake Robinson). What’s the attraction that Walt has for him about?
Bennet has everything that Walt wants – a life in the city, a job at a major magazine, and the ability to be exactly who he is. Everyone around him loves him for it and Walt’s never seen that before so, I’d say, part of the attraction is the novelty of it.

AE: Walt spends time with Bennet in NYC. Is there any romantic time? Any chance of them dating?
I am unable to comment on that at this time. The season finale answers this question better than I could in words.

AE: I know we don’t see this in the episode but while Walt might be able to be “out” in the big city, will he be able to in his high school and with his family?
In the books, Walt stays in a tent in his backyard once news gets out and, honestly, I’m not sure where Amy B. Harris and the other writers want to take it. Walt will be able to accept himself and be accepted in the city. Castlebury is another story.

AE: In the end, do you think Walt is finally happy that this secret of his is out there?
The “coming out” story happens over a period of one school year. I think, for Walt though, it all happened very quickly. Hopefully, that works out to his benefit, but with questions of reactions still looming, it makes it hard to be 100% comfortable in this new skin.

Walt with Bennet (actor Jake Robinson)

AE: Assuming the show gets a second season, would you like to see Walt venture in a relationship or is it too soon for that?
If I were a friend of Walt’s, and I am, I’d say go for it! Whether it be a relationship or just social mingling, none of it could hurt at this point, only help you grow as a person.

AE: Does the show give us an idea of what the summer holds for Walt?
The show does not, in my opinion, give us a vivid picture of what’s to come. We know Walt is doing “summer in the city”, if you will, but that’s all we know. Which I like, personally. It leaves much to the imagination and leaves you wanting more.

AE: Do you have a favorite moment of Walt’s from the season?
When Walt works up the courage to apologize to Bennet at the Interview party, that’s a huge step forward. I like it so much because their last interaction was so awkward and confrontational, but that doesn’t stop Walt from doing the right thing, righting his wrong, and, ultimately, opening himself up to a new way of thinking.

The Carrie Diaries airs its first season finale tonight at 8pm on the CW. Here’s a preview scene featuring Walt and Bennet…