Brendan Maclean Shifts Into Focus With Dynamic Music Video For “Tectonic”

Like the song, the video for "Tectonic" vascilates from moody to kinetic.

Out Australian singer Brendan Maclean is becoming more recognizable here in the States after his song “Stupid” appeared on the cult podcast Welcome To Nightvale.

And, having toured with Amanda Palmer, he’s no stranger to the darker side of things.

But Maclean’s music has always been, well, “peppy”—like a less depressed Rufus Wainright.

tectonic brendan maclean

Composed with Cobra Starship’s Alex Suarex, Maclean’s new single, “Tectonic” is both serious and fun, with a strong synth hook, catchy chorus and backing vocals from Jenna Andrews.

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Directed by Josh Harris with choreography by Courtney Hale, the video for “Tectonic” also vacillates from moody and expressionistic to downright kinetic.

Watch it below


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