Brendon Ayanbadejo Goes Naked For NOH8 Campaign: PHOTOS

brendon ayanbadejo noh8 2

Brendon Ayanbadejo doesn’t have to prove his creds as a major ally to the LGBT community: As a Baltimore Ravens linebacker, he spoke out on behalf of the marriage-equality referendum that was before Maryland voters. He’s worked tirelessly with everyone from GLAAD and The Trevor Project to Athlete Ally. And he even edited the Washington Blade’s new sports section this week.

So his posing naked for the NOH8 campaign? That’s just a little bit a sugar on top.

Ayanbadejo, 36, stripped down to the bare nakedness for Adam Bouska’s long-running campaign against California’s Prop 8 and anti-gay animus in general. In another, more PG picture, Ayanbadejo cradles his baby son, Amadeus. Our DiLF radar is off the charts, people.

Brendon Ayanbadejo & son Amadeus noh8

When Marylanders voted to approve marriage equality in 2012, Ayanbadejo said he was “stoked”: “It’s like I woke up and it’s Christmas… It’s something I’ve been passionate about a long time. Even though it doesn’t affect me directly, it affects a lot of my friends. It affects my family. It affects Ravens fans. It affects Marylanders. I’ve worked very hard on it; I’m especially proud of the Marylanders who went out and voted and made a difference.”

Ayanbadejo, now a free agent, joins other awesome athletes who have posed for the NOH8 campaign, including former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, former Carolina Panthers linebacker Nic Harris, former NFL defensive lineman Esera Tavai Tuaolo, New York Jets safety Bret Lockett, and Houston Dynamo’s Mike Chabala.
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