Brewers Pitcher Josh Hader Apologizes for Homophobic and Racist Tweets

The all-star pitcher said he was "young, immature, and stupid" when he sent the tweets, at 17 and 18.

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Hader has apologized for anti-gay and racist tweets he sent out in 2011 and 2012, when he was 17 and 18.

“I hate gay people,” read one tweet.

Josh Hader homophobic

Another simply said, “KKK.”

Josh Hader racist tweet

That was followed up two weeks later by a “white power” tweet, the New York Daily News reports.

Hader also tweeted out references to fellatio, and used the n-word in several others, which he said might have come from rap lyrics. In fact, it does appear he was quoting lyrics in at least some of his tweets, including by Rick Ross, Mac Miller, and Juicy J.

The tweets were quickly deleted and his Twitter account set to private. His account now appears to have been deleted altogether.

“I was young, immature and stupid,” Hader said of the tweets, which surfaced while he was on the mound during the All-Star Game on Tuesday. “There is no excuse for that to happen.”

Josh Hader All Star Game
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Members of his family were seen switching out his jerseys for generic ones without his name on the back.

“At the end of the day, you have to give people a second chance. For me, I’m moving on from it. I didn’t ask for an apology. We’ll talk more on the plane (Wednesday),” said Brewers teammate Lorenzo Cain, who is black, USA Today reporter Gabe Lacques tweeted.

Dan Halem, chief legal officer for Major League Baseball, told the Los Angeles Times the league would decide whether to issue a statement today.

It previously suspended Matt Joyce and Kevin Pillar for homophobic comments made during games.

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