Langford on Soaps: Brian and Will Fight Over Sonny on “Days”

Lari learns the shocking truth on Secret Lives and what’s ahead for Ste on Hollyoaks. Also, will Felix find love on General Hospital?


Neighbours  (Australia) 

Chris is so under-utilized on this soap. Despite the show’s promises that the character would have a romantic life and fact that he shows interest in various men here and there, he’s really done very little in the dating department since he and Aidan split. Scotty doesn’t count since Chris wasn’t interested in him. And not only does Chris not seem to have a romantic future on tap, I’m not seeing where there would be room for one given all the new characters and stories that are currently dominating the show’s airtime. I do hope I’m wrong because it’s unreal that a nice guy like Chris wouldn’t be dating when everyone else around him is all about their love lives. It says much about the show’s commitment to this character. He should not be gay in-name-only. It’s true that Neighbours will always been hesitant about intimate scenes where Chris is concerned, which is a problem. But not giving Chris any love life at all is much worse.

As for what is going on with the show, I find Georgia unraveling about what happened with Scotty to be a bit much since she wasn’t in love with Scotty and would have dumped him for Kyle if given half the chance. Oddly enough, as much as he behavior doesn’t make sense, her coolness towards Chris is logical given the state of mind she’s supposed to be in. But I admit I didn’t know that she and Chris were that close that he would be so devastated by her not wanting to hang around him. I guess we’re supposed to believe they’re good pals now that Tash and Andrew have left town. BTW, does Chris have to be confidante to all the troubled teen girls in town? He’s a grown man with a full time job, you’d think he’d have better things to do. Though I guess dating other guys wouldn’t be one of them.

Shortland Street  (New Zealand)

I think I might be taking a break from this show until we actually get a story about Seth and Henry. To be honest, this show’s writing and acting just isn’t all that good to endure sitting through scenes of them playing the backdrop to everybody else’s storylines. I thought the entire plot arc about Henry diverting Rachel’s phone calls and e-mails was not just stupid, but Henry should be fired, even if he was trying to help. And Rachel certainly should have a few choice words for Chris, who engineered the nonsense. Surely there must be some sort of policy about tampering with company e-mails and phone calls. I just thought that the whole thing was a massive violation of privacy that shouldn’t be brushed under the rug. Besides, couldn’t Rachel just say ‘I’m not taking any calls today and canceling all my meetings’ so she could finish this important project? I know, I know that makes sense in a nonsensical story.

As for Brooke becoming romantically interested in Seth, I’m not sure what any woman (or anyone at all to be honest) would find romantically appealing about this character. I’m failing to see why Henry was in love with him. My point is, the show really needs to flesh Seth out and give him some likable traits. Cause he’s really not a very pleasant character to be around. Overall though, this show needs to give their gay characters a story. Their gays have been integral parts of the hospital drama in the past so it’s time to do the same here.

Secret Lives (Finland)

It just astounds me that Elias is just ready to forget what Ida did by outing Lari, which led to his getting bashed and ultimately ruined his chances to play pro hockey (though playing on his injured leg was Lari’s own fault). To tell her that ‘everybody makes mistakes’ is just stupefying. That was not a mistake, but a malicious, vengeful act. It was made worse because Elias didn’t tell Lari, who deserves to know the truth.

Lari has every reason to be furious at Ida and I just shake my head when Elias runs around defending her as if she’s the victim. The reason why she thinks everything is about her is because everybody makes it about her. I don’t blame Lari for being furious at Ida or Elias. I don’t see how he could ever be friends with someone who did something so heartless and cruel. But then Elias is too soft headed and kind-hearted to be real.

BTW, that therapist must be the worst one in the world to not see that all of her patients are lying to her and are still losing weight. I wonder if she actually notices that her patients aren’t getting any better.

Days of Our Lives  (U.S.)

I’m glad that Sonny and Will are finally all in with doing whatever it takes to get Nick out of their lives. I just wish that, especially in Sonny’s case, that he wasn’t always so moralizing. I realize that television likes their gays to be good and from what I read fans don’t like it when the boys play on the dark side, but I think they would be far more interesting (and realistic) characters if they had more dimensions to their characters.

I just wish we didn’t see Sonny beating himself up over wanting revenge against Nick. It just seems like his character should be more complex and have more shadings than that. His family was born on revenge and blood feuds. Sonny should be getting tips from Uncle Victor, even if he was troubled by his dark feelings. I think my favorite moment of the entire week was when Sonny, who was being his most annoying as Sonny Do Right said ‘I don’t think it’s fun to enjoying hurting other people’ and EJ said simply “why’? I think I literally laughed a full minute over that one. I love EJ and I especially love him when he’s being bad.

Over all, though, this was not a bad week. I continue to be impressed by Sean Douglas as Vargas. Not only is he an interesting and intriguing character, I think this mysterious past could be used for fodder for lots of stories behind his history with Nick. And I really think he and Nicole have some chemistry, though there are few that don’t have chemistry with the fabulous Arianne Zucker. The show really hasn’t done much with the relationship with Nicole and Eric and it’s time they kicked that into high gear and went for a really steamy and provocative triangle between these three.

I still hate the Daniel/Chloe/Jennifer triangle. Seeing Jennifer cry and wail over losing Daniel and then have to leave town to get over him when she certainly didn’t put that much effort into grieving Jack just bugged me to no end. I’m delighted that it will soon be over with the exit of Chloe. Sadly, Daniel and Jennifer remain. And like I said last week, it’s nice to see Cam with his clothes off, but the story itself is dumb. And Abby still doesn’t have chemistry with Chad or Cam. I continue to love Rafe and Kate and I hope the show turns it into a full fledged love story. I think it’s time for the affair to be brought out into the open to create some real drama and conflict.

I have to end this though with one last thought about Will and Sonny. Where is the romance? It’s bad enough having these boyfriends calling each other dude, but they’re not very romantic with each other. Sure they’ve had occasional romantic moments, but I think it should be on an ongoing basis. Scenes of them giving them a high five certainly doesn’t count. For example, we often see Sami and EJ having romantic interludes. If they are boyfriends and lovers, let’s see more of the romance, of them taking some downtime from all the drama. All the other couples do and if Will and Sonny are supposed to be treated the same, we should be seeing it for them as well. They did get a very brief kiss last week, but those moments are fewer and further between for this duo.


Will Robbie ruin George and Callum’s friendship?

Hollyoaks  — Apparently there aren’t too many teens in Hollyoaks, because when Callum finds himself lonely he winds up spending some time with his bigoted pal Robbie, even though George has told Callum he’s bad news. Robbie has some drugs to sell and Callum seems to have nothing better to do than be a dealer so the boys decide to go to a club in town and Sinead goes along with them to sell their stash. One the way, however, they run over someone, who just happens to be Sinead’s brother Finn. The kids make a run for it, of course and leave Finn lying in the road. Finn is rushed to the hospital and is in bad shape. Robbie, Callum and Sinead pray that Finn won’t remember who was driving the car that hit him….


Brian flirting with Sonny gets Will angry….

Days of Our Lives Will lashes out at Brian for flirting with Sonny while Vargas makes things more complicated for Nick. Meanwhile, Will might be calling EJ step daddy again after he proposes to Sami.

Holby City  Now that Malick has decided to be a father to Jake, he is faced with having to come out to his son…

People of the Valley  Iolo’s sins come back to haunt him when Gethin is released from the hospital…

General Hospital  —  Felix schemes to find out the truth about Britt

Shortland Street  Seth is put in an uncomfortable position and is forced to come out…

Neighbours — Chris gets a new friend, but things quickly become complicated between them…


Ste’s dark side is about to be re-discovered…

We haven’t seen much of Hollyoaks Ste Hay since Brendan went to prison for the rest of his life a few weeks ago, which might have some wondering if the character has much of a future with his very popular love interest off the canvas for the foreseeable future. Keiron Richardson, who plays Ste, admits that when he heard that Emmett Scanlan was leaving the show, he did worry about his future on the UK soap.

“Straight away I wanted a meeting with the producer, but Bryan [Kirkwood, the executive producer of Hollyoaks] was really lovely.”  Richardson told SoapSquawk.   “He helped create Ste in the first place and now he’s back it’s nice that he can take over Ste’s journey and take him to the next level. He’s got Ste back in the tracksuits and behaving badly again. Ste became a bit wet for the past 12 months and he’s done a lot of crying so it’s nice that he’s not going to be so wet anymore. “

Richardson says we’ll see plenty of Ste in the coming weeks and months, but we may not like what the character will be up to. The show is going to revisit Ste’s dark side, recalling the character’s early days when he was an abuser and a drug dealer, among many other dastardly sins. In fact, Ste is going to be badder and darker than he’s ever been.

“…there’s worse things to come.”  Richardson promises. “It’s a lot worse than things he’s done in the past. It’s a bit weird because everyone feels sorry for Ste at the moment but they are all going to hate him again soon.”

Richardson says he’s looking forward to rediscovering Ste’s dark side.

Look for Ste to take new bad boy Robbie Roscoe under his wing…

“I’ve been told about stuff happening in the future and it’s incredible stuff for me to get my teeth into. It’s testing stuff.”  Richardson said. “It’s going to keep the audience on their toes. I can’t say too much but it’s a path I never thought I would go down, it’s brilliant.”

And Ste won’t be alone in his villainous deeds. Fans were recently introduced to newbie bad boy Robbie Roscoe, whom Ste will find himself spending a lot of time with.

“When Ste comes back he needs money, bumps into Robbie and that’s the start of their dark path. Robbie is like a little Ste really, he takes him under his wing and they become partners in crime.”  Richardson said. “Ste’s back in his tracksuits, he’s cocky and almost trying to be a mini Brendan with this young sidekick.”

And of course, one can’t help but wonder if Ste and Robbie will have the same relationship that Ste and Brendan had, at least sexually speaking that is. Guess we’ll see…

When will General Hospital’s Felix get some loving?

If there was a gay that needed a storyline and a love interest, it’s General Hospital’s nursing student Felix DuBois, played by Mark Anthony Samuel. But are those things in Felix’s future? Samuel was recently interviewed by Daytime Confidential where he was asked about Felix’s love life, particularly if he might be paired with Lucas Jones if he were to ever return to Port Charles. Samuels said he doesn’t now for sure, but he thinks that Felix is headed for romance with someone.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe, or it could be someone new, you know?”  Samuels said. “Everyone needs love and I think Felix will get it.”

For now, though it looks as if Felix will continue his role as BFF to Sabrina, helping her get the dirt on her romantic rival Britt, who’s claiming to be pregnant with Patrick’s baby, putting a wrench in the newfound romance.

Will Lucas’ new man give him less time to hang out with pal Noud? Let’s hope so!

While Felix’s romantic future is still up in the air, it looks as if Good Times, Bad Times’ Lucas might finally get some lovin’. We told you a few months ago that a new love interest was in the works for Lucas and next week it may be coming to pass. Lucas is apparently on the hunt for a man for a pal, but ends up finding someone for himself. Yay!  It’s about time.

And finally, word has it that Gary Lucy is back on the set of EastEnders playing gay businessman Gary Pennant. The show is still mum on the storyline for the returning bad boy, but we’ll find out in about 6 weeks when he makes his first appearance.

That’s it for this edition of Langford On Soaps. See you next week!