Brie Larson Talks “Short Term 12,” John Gallagher Jr. & Toni Collette: WATCH

Brie Larson is known to most audiences for her work in the Showtime series United States of Tara and her supporting turns in films like Tanner Hall, Greenberg, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and 21 Jump Street, but that should all change this Friday with the release of her new film Short Term 12, which is earning the actress critical raves, and awards talk, for her first leading role.

We were lucky enough to have a chance to sit down with Miss Larson last week as she talked about her new film, what is was like working with director Dustin Cretton, John Gallagher Jr. and, perhaps more importantly, a cast full of young adults, and her admiration for her former Tara costar Toni Collete.

Take a look above, and be sure to check out Short Term 12, which opens in NYC and L.A. this Friday.  Also, see some of the raves for the film, and Brie, below.


“’Short Term 12’ is the kind of film that sounds agonizingly depressing on paper but mesmerizes onscreen. It’s a delicate yet passionate creation, modest in scope but almost overwhelming in its emotional intricacy, ambition, and resonance. Easily one of the best films so far this year, it’s a nearly perfect blend of pimple-faced naturalism, righteous moral fury, nuanced social insight, and unsentimental but devastating drama.” – Village Voice

“Brie Larson manages this perfect pitch of tone in her riveting performance as Grace, the center of this story, and the true embodiment of this quandary between work and personal life. She’s dating her coworker Mason, and a new resident (Kaitlyn Dever) at the home has her revisiting her past life in a way that is throwing everything in the present into tumult. The majority of the story takes place over about a week when Grace has some major life decisions to make on top of everything else going on at the facility, and Larson takes on the heft of this multi-faceted role with ease. She manages to convey her character as someone fierce and strong and steely, and also utterly fragile, delicate, scared and broken. It’s an incredible emotional and physical performance, and she’s a whirlwind, whether chasing down a kid, worrying at her cuticles or smashing something in cathartic anger.” – The Playlist

“A genuinely moving look at life in a group foster home that avoids most of the usual routes into viewers’ hearts, Destin Daniel Cretton’s ’Short Term 12’ behaves like an ensemble piece even as it develops a character whose struggles will eventually define the film. Brie Larson (appearing in four films at SXSW this year) gives a breakthrough performance that should open doors to bigger dramas, but the effortlessly balanced film never feels like a showcase, and the actress doesn’t treat it like one. Theatrical appeal is strong for a wholly engaging film that isn’t the downer it might sound like on paper.” – THR