Briefs: More Baldwin-Gate, Kurt and Starchild Rock The Stage, and Ellen Has “Fun” With Hallmark

Here is last week’s caption pic winner. This week’s caption pic is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to everyone for participating! The winner is …

“If only everything in life was as cute as a Wolkswagen.”

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Weekend Birthdays! Jonny Lee Miller (above) is 41, Martha Plimpton is 43, Maggie Gyllenhaal is 36, Lauren Hutton is 70, and RuPaul is 53.

In ratings news, The Vampire Diaries once again beat the competition on ABC and NBC, while Glee tied its series low again.

Cynthia Nixon To Serve In Bill De Blasio’s Cabinet?

Remembering the Worst Mass Killing of LGBT People in U.S. History. Sorry to bring the weekend down, but this is a must read.

Alec Baldwin asks his hairdresser if he thinks he’s a homophobe. This is just embarrassing.

Anderson weighs in.


Let’s give Ellen the last word on the Hallmark ornament controversy

Looking stars Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett and Frankie J. Alvarez attend the Out Hot 100 party

And here’s newly out Maulik Pancholy

Here are a couple of pics from the Nov. 28th episode of Glee. Kurt debuts his new band (does it have a a name yet? I don’t remember), with lead singer Starchild (hmm … I don’t see the tongue piercing in the second pic).

Here’s a look at last night’s Project Runway All Stars challenge winner. Yes, I’m very happy with this outcome.

And here’s The Weekly ShoutOUT™. Each week we’re going to focus on one out athlete/performer and feature a daily pic and career timeline. We’ll be showcasing the big names, but also the lesser-known gay celebs who deserve more recognition. This week we give a ShoutOUT to … Tom Lenk. Wrapping up our week with Tom, thankfully, he’s back on TV, in a recurring role on Lifetime’s new campfest The Witches Of East End. If you haven’t checked it out, you should do so, as it features not only the talents of Tom, but a frequently shirtless Eric Winter and … batshit crazy witches. Isn’t that right, Tom?

And now we have the TOP 50 SCI-FI/FANTASY FILMS OF THE 80′S! This was originally going to be a Top 25 sci-film list, followed by a Top 25 fantasy film list, but there was so much overlap (and it’s difficult to differentiate between the two with some films), that I decided to combine both lists. At #48 is Ladyhawke

Michelle Pfeiffer (at her most luscious) and Rutger Hauer (at his most Rutger Hauer) star in this 1985 romantic fantasy as cursed lovers who are doomed to never be together (he’s a wolf during the night, she’s a hawk during the day). Matthew Broderick costars, and is completely out of place, as if he was doing “Ferris Bueller Goes Medieval.”

Congrats to nctopher , who was the first to correctly that yesterday’s Pixuzzle™ © ® was Grey’s Anatomy

Here are characters from a famous TV show. Can you name it?

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FURRY FRIDAY! In case you missed Model Mondays, here’s Dusty St. Amand

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