Briefs: Lady Gaga and Cher Are “The Greatest,” Who Are “The Almighty Johnsons,” and “Comics Undressed”

Birthday shoutouts go to Sebastian Stan (above), who is 30, Sam Champion is 52, and Debi Mazar is 49.

Syfy has acquired the first two seasons of the New Zealand series The Almighty Johnsons, which “follows the Johnson boys, four typical fun-loving guys – who have inherited the power of Norse Gods.”

Are we finally nearing the end of the “gay panic” defense?

International Olympic Committee Forbids Athletes to Speak Against Russian Antigay Laws

“September? I’m surprised you were able to walk in October.”

We can’t actually post it here, because it’s really, really, really unofficial, but here’s the Lady Gaga/Cher duet we thought was going to go the way of The Day The Clown Cried (Gaga vowed not to release it). What do you think?

Chris Colfer gets ready for a book signing.

Here’s your feel good moment of the day.

Here’s the latest Where The Bears Are

Here’s the Kickstarter for Comics Undressed, a “project with the primary aim of addressing media justice in comics and popular culture. We intend to portray the underlying forms of discrimination that impact representations of women, queers, trans folk, non-binary gender people, and people of color.”

Here’s your Tasty Two For Tuesday With Matt Bomer. BlueBoy.

And here’s The Weekly ShoutOUT™. Each week we’re going to focus on one out athlete/performer and feature a daily pic and career timeline. We’ll be showcasing the big names, but also the lesser-known gay celebs who deserve more recognition. This week we give a ShoutOUT to … Michael Urie. Michael landed his biggest role to date in 2006 in Ugly Betty. His Marc character was supposed to be a one-shot deal, but he clicked so well with co-star Vanessa Williams, they decided to keep the character, and Michael would become an integral part of the ensemble cast through it’s four seasons.

Now, presenting … THE TOP 40 HORROR FILMS OF THE 80’S! Journey with me back to the birth of the Dead Teenager movie (actually, that began in the 70’s, so I guess it would be the Afterbirth Of The Dead Teenager Movie), the last gasps of the Italian Horror Masters, and the franchises that still continue today. Yes, your Freddy, Jason, and Chucky will be represented, but I’m also going to pay tribute to the obscurities that deserve to be seen. At #11 is … A Nightmare On Elm Street Two: Freddy’s Revenge

Well, of course it was going to be here somewhere. Honestly, the Elm Street franchise was never my favorite. It just became too goofy and muddled… although there were certainly some bright spots in all of the sequels (Dream Master had Tuesday Knight and Lisa Wilcox, and Dream Warriors had Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Rubin and of course, one of the greatest movie themes of all time.)

But Freddy’s Revenge will always have its place in horror history. So much has been written about the “subtext,” but let’s face it, there’s nothing sub about it. This is the gayest horror film ever made (besides Showgirls, of course), and while it’s not the scariest Elm Street, or the most well-made Elm Street, it will always be the most memorable Elm Street. Here’s one of my favorite scenes, as Jessie (Mark Patton) dances in his room, before he’s discovered by Mrs. Muir, and fetus Meryl Streep.

Congrats to iheartfrosty , who was the first to correctly guess that yesterday’s Pixuzzle™ © ® was Alice.

Here’s today’s Pixuzzle™ © ®. Here are characters from a famous TV show. Can you name it?


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