Briefs: Robbie Rogers Talks To Chelsea Handler, Jaime Murray Is a Sexy Vampire, and Matt Bomer on Wentworth Miller

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“Winners of the trip to the Sochi Olympics.”

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Weekend Birthdays! Chad Michael Murray (above) is 32, Rupert Grint is 25, Alex O’Loughlin is 37, Scot Caan is 37, Stephen Fry is 56, Andrew Rannells is 35, Shelley Long is 64, and Rick Springfield is 64. Here is my favorite Rick song

Stephen Moyer will play Capt. Von Trapp opposite Carrie Underwood in NBC’s live holiday presentation of The Sound Of Music

Spring Awakening star Phoebe Strole is joining the cast of Glee as Sam’s new love interest. They really love Spring Awakening, don’t they?

Matt Bomer “Really Proud” of Wentworth Miller for Coming Out as Gay

Earlier this week I gave you the lyric video for “Hair Do” from Richard Simmons. Here’s the official video.

Here’s the trailer for the direct-to-dvd Fright Night 2, with Jaime Murray vamping it up.

Here’s Robbie Rogers talking to Chelsea Handler about the Olympics and what it’s like in the locker room since he came out.

Via NewNowNext comes the trailer for Coming Out, which documents a film student’s year-long coming-out process to friends and family.

And here’s The Weekly ShoutOUT™. Each week we’re going to focus on one out athlete/performer and feature a daily pic and career timeline. We’ll be showcasing the big names, but also the lesser-known gay celebs who deserve more recognition. This week we give a ShoutOUT to … Jay Brannan. Wrapping up our week with Jay, last year he released his third album Rob Me Blind. Below you can see the gorgeous video for the title track.

Now, presenting … THE TOP 40 HORROR FILMS OF THE 80’S! Journey with me back to the birth of the Dead Teenager movie (actually, that began in the 70’s, so I guess it would be the Afterbirth Of The Dead Teenager Movie), the last gasps of the Italian Horror Masters, and the franchises that still continue today. Yes, your Freddy, Jason, and Chucky will be represented, but I’m also going to pay tribute to the obscurities that deserve to be seen. At #3 is … Prom Night.

Disco Death! Five young schoolkids taunt a fellow classmate to death (that falling pane of glass was just … overkill, literally), and years later at the senior prom, someone … exacts revenge! Jamie Lee Curtis has said this was her least favorite slasher film, but it’s one of my favorites. But I can’t quite figure out why. The photography is shockingly muddy (we’re talking Lucille Ball in Mame), and the characters are either forgettable or unlikable (i found myself rooting for Classic Bitch Wendy to get away, simply because she was the most interesting character in the film).

But there’s something compelling about watching these snotty kids get their comeuppance, and the ending is undeniably sad (if inevitable). And then there’s the fabulous soundtrack, which does contain THE #1 GREATEST 80’S HORROR MOVIE CLOSING THEME SONG. It’s called “Fade To Black,” performed by Gordene Simpson, and it reveals the entire plot of the movie in a classic power ballad. It’s been a permanent part of my iPod for years.

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CLASSIC FURRY FRIDAY! Josh Wald in various states of fur

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