Watch British Airways Reunite Two Wives Living 10,000 Miles Apart

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British couple Lisa Harris and Hayley Angell were forced to live on different continents due to family medical emergencies.

Hayley was helping her disabled mother, Debra, care for her dying father in her native Australia. After her father passed, Hayley stayed abroad to care for her mother, as well.

Missing her wife terribly, Lisa wrote to British Airways hoping for a miracle—and the company came through. The airline arranged to fly Angell and her mother to the UK for a vacation. (BA also made special arrangements to support Debra’s comfort in-flight, too.)

British Airways/YouTube

Hayley learned of the secret plan in from her wife in a surprise video from her wife—and British Airways captured the entire thing.

“The magic of being able to be reunited with my wife is totally unexpected,” Hayley confessed, “[not to mention] the magic of being able to take my mum on the holiday that I’ve been promising her we would go on ever since we lost my dad.”

British Airways has shown its heart in other ways: The airline teamed up with Comic Relief on a humorous flight-safety video featuring Sir Ian McKellen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Gordon Ramsay and Gillian Anderson. The video ends with the stars explaining there are envelopes in the seat pockets for spare change and in-flight donations to its global charity initiative, Flying Start.

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