Watch: Juliette Lewis Wants Britney Spears to Save Us From Satan in Hilarious Instagram Post

"Simpler times!"

Does hearing Britney Spears’ “Work B**ch” still make you lose your mind? You’re not alone.

On Tuesday (November 13) actress Juliette Lewis took to Instagram to share a clip of herself lipping and going apeshit to the 2013 track while calling on the pop superstar to “save us.”

The Camping actress yells “Is Satan controlling the universe?” and longs for “Simpler times.”

Don’t we all, Juliette. Don’t we all.

But if you’re looking for Britney Jean, she’s probably somewhere rehearsing for her new Vegas show, Domination, opening February 2019 if the world hasn’t ended by then. She’s got a song for that occasion as well.

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